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Kickstarter Campaign Funded at 512%!

Kickstarter Campaign Funded at 512%!

Hello Fleux Fam!

The best way to describe what the last three weeks have felt like: roller coaster. (It's a good thing I like roller coasters.)

Many of you have contacted me with messages during the campaign giving advice, support, and insights, and I can't thank-you enough. 

Years ago, when e-commerce was still a novelty, I wrote my senior thesis developing a heuristics model on how to achieve web trust through design. While the paper was strictly focused on page and layout design elements, it taught me a lot about the value of trust, integrity, and a sense of honour in business. 

Kickstarter Backers: You've taken a chance on a fledgling start-up with no track record, and entrusted me with delivering to you my take on what the ideal skindiver should be. I have done everything in my power to ensure my promise to you is on the right track thus far and will continue to work as hard as humanly possible to deliver a watch we are both proud to wear. 

In the coming months, I'll periodically send out progress reports as they become available here and on Kickstarter. Once the watches are ready to ship, I will send out a survey (via KS) to all of you to get your shipping information.

Missed the Kickstarter?: Our watches are now available for pre-order on our website! :)

In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.



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