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As odd as it may seem, my obsession with watches stems from being raised by my grandmother. One of my earliest memories is my grandmother winding her watch - a men's sized Rado (presumably my grandfather's). I would watch her intently, as she would wind her watch on a daily basis telling me:

"You have to feed it to make it come alive."

The idea of feeding a mechanical object was so mesmerizing that it made me see watches as living objects.

My obsessive journey began with the 1989 Timex Ironman. I loved it so much that it quite literally never left my wrist. Due to excessive wear and tear on the playground it eventually broke, but it was a great first start.

The next 30-odd years (and counting) of collecting afforded me the opportunity to learn and experience the joys of almost every type of watch, but my life has never been the same since I discovered vintage divers.

Dive watches are utilitarian, practical and robust; yet the sheer variety and graphic nature of these beautiful timepieces have always drawn me to them. Simply put, they are playful in design, while having to be engineered for robustness.

One day while searching for my latest rare, vintage-dive watch discovery online, it finally dawned on me:

"These watches were designed some 40-50 years ago, and they are still admired and sought after today. Wouldn't it be great to design a watch inspired by the past but solidly rooted in the present? ...and perhaps, someone will still appreciate it 50 years from now. How hard can this be?"

Welcome to FLEUX.

- Edward -

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