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A Note on the Case-Crystal Thickness

A Note on the Case-Crystal Thickness

I've received some questions regarding the overall thickness of the watch (14mm) that I thought I'd address and possibly help to alleviate any concerns some of you might have. 

I'll admit that a 14mm watch sounds thick. However, overall case thickness can be a deceiving measurement when taken in isolation. The best analogy I can think of is how a Speedmaster Pro is 42mm but wears much smaller than the measurement indicates. This is due to the design and relationship between the case and lugs.  

A similar relationship exists for case thickness and wearability of FLEUX's 14mm cases. 

Let's take a look at the design from a profile shot of the case:

The measurement from the bottom of the lugs to the top of bezel is 12mm. As you can see, the lugs curve dramatically downwards in order to follow the profile of the wrist. You will also notice that this causes the lugs to end lower than the caseback, which in-turn allows for the watch to sit lower on the wrist. 

The crystal adds another 2mm, but I felt the double domed hesalite was too attractive of a feature to not have. (As opposed to a flat(ish) sapphire crystal.) 

All of this to say, 14mm sounds like a very thick watch but numbers alone can be deceiving. When on the wrist, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how wearable it is. 




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